The Sixth Form Bursary Fund is a discretionary fund at the school’s disposal that allows us to support financially those Sixth Form students who might otherwise find it difficult to cover certain costs associated with their time in the Sixth Form.

There are three different levels of funding available, each based on level of need. These are referred to as level 1, 2 and 3 bursaries and are based on a student’s total parental household income. They also take into account whether a student was eligible for Pupil Premium or means-tested Free School Meals in Years 7 to 11, and whether a student’s parents are in receipt of any benefit payments such as jobseeker’s allowance, tax credits or universal credit. The amount available to successful applicants at each level can change slightly from year to year, depending on the number of successful applicants and the total bursary fund we receive from the government. All recipients will receive a monthly payment directly into their bank account, to be used to help cover the costs associated with Sixth Form study, such as textbooks, trips, specialist equipment for specific subjects, travel to school etc. The government also allocates direct bursaries to students classified as vulnerable, such as those living in care - the school has no discretion in the allocation of these bursaries.