We run our own independent music service for girls who would like private instrumental, singing or theory lessons.

The fee structure is £18.00 per lesson plus £15.00 administration fee per term per subject (from September 2017). Fees are payable termly in advance via ParentPay and girls average 11 private lessons per term. Girls in Years 7 to 9 come out of subject lessons on a rotational basis where possible. Girls in Year 10 and upwards have private lessons before school, during breaks or after school. Girls who have private singing lessons must join the school choir as this is an essential part of their training. All girls must supply their own instruments. The following private music lessons are available:

•  French Horn  •  Trombone  •  Trumpet  •  Tuba
•  Cello  •  Double Bass  •  Violin/Viola
•  Bassoon  •  Clarinet  •  Flute  •  Oboe  •  Recorder  •  Saxophone 
•  Bass  •  Classical  •  Electric 
•  Drums  •  Marimba  •  Orchestral Percussion
•  Music Theory (Grade 5)  •  Piano  •  Singing

To apply for private lessons at school, please complete and return the application form to the Music department at music@tiffingirls.org. The application form is in the Key Downloads box to the left, with the agreement (which is our Terms and Conditions), the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions and a guide to the instruments offered.

See the music department page for more information about curriculum music at The Tiffin Girls' School.