Welcome from the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team

Vanessa War

It is our great privilege as the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team of The Tiffin Girls’ School to welcome you to our website. We trust that you will gain insight into the school and the wonderful education it offers.

The Tiffin Girls’ School is an outstanding school in ways that encompass and extend far beyond Ofsted criteria. The Tiffin Girls’ School was founded in 1880 to provide ‘a superior education for girls’ and it continues to fulfil that aim in the 21st century; the wealth of knowledge, commitment and expertise that is the current hallmark of the school is also its ongoing strength. These attributes will ensure that the school continues to flourish in a changing and challenging educational climate.

Tiffin girls are not only enabled to achieve highly academically but also are encouraged to take part in the many extra curricular drama, music, business enterprise, public speaking activities, trips and sporting events that are offered. The school’s continuing excellence in all these areas is testament to the enthusiasm and dedication of both students and staff.

The quality of learning and teaching is at the centre of any school’s success and both teaching and support staff work together to ensure that all students at the school have an appropriately challenging curriculum, matched to their ability, expertly delivered. Students are encouraged to think independently while being guided to achieve excellence in external examinations, participate fully in the life of the school and decide wisely on their future pathways.

The Tiffin Girls’ School Parent Staff Association, to which all parents automatically belong, contributes to the life of the school in very many ways, both through its lively schedule of social events and the financial contribution it makes through its fundraising activities. It is another example of the commitment of all members of the school community to the life and wellbeing of the school.

The school’s motto is sapere aude – dare to be wise – and we recognise that  real learning requires us to be brave enough to take risks, to move beyond our comfort zone. It is through expecting the best of ourselves and each other that we truly achieve. The Tiffin Girls’ School provides a safe and supportive environment in which the young women who dare to be wise gain the expert knowledge and skills they require not only to fulfil their academic potential but also to develop as confident, happy and successful young women.

Vanessa Ward - Headteacher, Amy Cavilla - Deputy Headteacher,
Matt Tiplin, Kathy Kilpatrick, Sarah Finch, Dickon Hares - Assistant Headteachers


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